There was a particular day not too long ago that God spoke to me.  It was on a day that I was standing on the kitchen counter top, diligently scraping away wallpaper.  After all who wants to live among-st wall paper.  As I was removing the wall paper I heard God say ‘this isn’t going to matter much longer’.  I wondered what that meant exactly, because, this transpired shortly after we moved into this particular house.

Then, it all came to be… around 6 months later the status of the home came to be so we contacted our real estate friend to confirm our finding.  Our real estate friend said you should think about owning a home.  So, we started the journey of qualifying.  We found out what price range we could be in and started looking and searching for a place to call home. During this time bidding wars were taking place.  Our real estate friend said, I may have the perfect home for you but, I need to contact the owners of the home.  Low and behold this home wasn’t even on the market.  But, there were tenants living in the home.  We drove by the home a few times to check out the neighborhood and the area, because, honestly this is a city I never would have considered living in.  Our agent said God spoke to him and he later told us this was God ordained.

My spouse met our neighbors because, he is open to conversation and sharing the love of  Jesus. He has been in the front yard working; watering what once was dead and attempting to bring it back to a lush green life.

As we have frequented the house for inspections etc. the local neighborhood kids would ask my spouse if they could ride their bikes through the sprinklers to cool off during this hot summer day.

Finally The Words We Wanted To Hear Arrived

Congratulations – you are a new home owner you can now move in.

The Day After Our Move In20160903_162513.jpg

We were hungry and I needed my coffee so we headed to a local McDonald’s for breakfast to be greeted at two different windows.  We received genuine customer service through the drive thru windows. These girls had warm hearts that genuinely cared to know how our day was.  One of the girls told us where they lived and what they loved doing even if this held up 3 cars behind us. On departing I said to my spouse, are we in Oregon? Because, these people are to kind to be in California.

Later that day…

My mother and sister-in-law came to visit, they brought us lunch and decorated our new home.  Oh, and I got to feed and hold our latest addition our new-born nephew.

Then a little boy came to our door asking for a way to earn some money, when asked why he needed to earn some money he said, ‘he had a sore on the back of his leg that needed ointment’. My mother in law said, it’s the outreach trailer in the front that is drawing people.  But, I know it was God sending them.

Later on our internet and cable provider came to install and come to find out he is our neighbor.  The cable guy called his family and they showed up shortly afterwards to meet my spouse in the front of the house, eventually my spouse invited the family into our home and showed them around.

Feeling Blessed!