I love you girlee!

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Brave Girl. Cant you just be. I see you in the mirror- staring back at me. Shes a butterfly, cant you see, or do you get focused on her scars-these don’t define who you are. This is not her, don’t you know, take the time to hear her story. A story of Loves devotion- in breaking the mold, to become what is beautiful, for all to behold. Shes been alone in the dark for a while now- but brave enough to stand. Carrying her torch in one hand, he shows her the way, even if its just her and him. Her scars have nothing to prove-shes not hurt, but shes got nothing to lose. Undignified is her romance. And she dances.

A cageless bird-she desires to fly. Hands held high, she sours with eagles wings, and nothing to hide. Her fear of heights, is what keeps her down. The higher…

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