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Ah, tis the season of pumpkin spice. There’s a reason its everywhere – its undeniably delicious. Unfortunately, each year it gets more and more out of control. We can’t be happy just with lattes anymore, I even saw “pumpkin spice solo cups” today. Yes, cups. Plastic cups, colored orange. Throw these on the shelf with the pumpkin spice pasta sauce, pumpkin spice butter, and pumpkin spice soap and you’ve got everything you need. I’m not a huge PSL fan, so I prefer to bake with pumpkin and these bars are my go-to. Buttery, yellow cake serves as a “crust” topped with smooth, gooey pumpkin filling. Deliciously sweet on their own, or great topped with some fresh whipped cream, these bars are a great way to change up your traditional pumpkin recipes. Try the bars with a traditional graham cracker crust for another great combination.

The next few months will be filled…

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